The second episode of By Any Means had a lot more to it than the first episode which was pretty much the standard Hustle plot of man being hoist by his own petard but there was a bit more to it in this episode which was nice to see.

I am not sure that we learn a lot more about the characters in this episode apart from the fact that Tom Tom fancies Jess and that Jess might have a thing for Jack. Other than that they are pretty much as they were in the first episode.

However this episode we do get to see a bit more of the new character Charlie and what he is about, much to chagrin of poor Tom Tom who seems to feel a bit left out in the episode with Charlie being allowed to join in with the fun.

I like Tom Tom, he is my favourite character in the series and not just because he is a geek into his computers, but because he is funny and is the most believable character out of all of them for me. I can quite pin down Jack or Jess yet but the one thing I do know is that they are both very good at what they do.

This time they aren’t after a scumbag but rather trying to put wrong a right and try and find out the real murderer of this young girl who was found in the boot of a high court judge.

The person the team are after is an ex-cop by the name of Tyrus who they are sure is the real culprit of the crime and the team go after him with all guns blazing.

There was some good trickery in this episode as well as some pretty standard spy stuff including cars and offices being bugged and lots of bluffs and double bluffs.

This episode shows that the show is more than just a Hustle clone, but only just.

By Any Means has hit its stride with the third episode of the series which I think was the best of the bunch so far. The show is still pretty much the same as Hustle with a really annoying tosspot cut down to size by the main characters with a twist ending that you almost always never see coming.

In this episode there is this property developer who is about as crooked as they come who has bought a really shitty highrise and has been trying to get rid of the tennants but of course they don’t budge and he tries to scare them off by paying some bloke who pays another bloke, who pays another bloke who pays a bloke to firebomb the place.

Unfortunately the tenants were still in the building at the time and they all die in the blaze. When property develpoer hears about it he tries to do a runner and rolls into the Columbian embassy where an old schoolfriend of his is the ambassador and hides there on the pretext that it is foreign soil.

The team then have to try and get him out so that he can be bought to book. Cue some funny scenes featuring Honor Blackman as the owner of a property next door to the embassy which the team take over on the pretext of an infestation of rats, which she sees through right away and a rather silly sublot where Charlie one of the team gets into the house by making the daughter of the ambassador fall for him and invite him into the embassy and then get him a job.

It was hard to feel sorry for Charlie as he keeps on lying to the lovely daughter of the Ambassador, as she really seems to like him, and really doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.

It quite a clever ruse in the end and there was no doubt that they would get their man and it was an enjoyable enough ride to see they managed a feat which otherwise seemed to be impossible.

The show is no Hustle though but it is certainly improving and I now no longer care that it is just a rehash of Hustle as it is perfectly entertaining Sunday evening fare.