The Man With the Golden Gun (James Bond, #13)The Man With the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Man with the Golden Gun is the final full length James Bond novel written by Ian Fleming and starts of interestingly with Bond attempting to assassinate M and ends up with Bond being sent on a mission to get rid of hired gun Scaramanga, the self-style man with the golden gun.

The book is the shortest of all of the James Bond novels and is the weakest on that Fleming has ever written. This was written during the last months of Ian Fleming’s life and he died before he was able to do any rewrites on the book which is probably why it doesn’t seem as polished as the other novels.

I can’t say that this was really a bad book, but it certainly wasn’t one of Fleming’s best works and, had he lived, it probably would have ended up being very different to how it actually turned out.

It had it’s moments though and there were some typical elements that are always present in the Bond novels to keep the interest going but it really wasn’t one of the series finest hours and perhaps You Only Live Twice would have be a better final chapter.

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