Doctor Who: Dark HorizonsDoctor Who: Dark Horizons by Jenny Colgan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Doctor Who: Dark Horizons is a Doctor Who novel written by Jenny Colgan who is better known as the author of ‘chick-lit’ books and wouldn’t be the obvious choice to write a Doctor Who book, but with this book she proves that she was a good choice to write a Doctor Who book as it is a really good tale, well told, well paced and enjoyable to read.

Colgan has the character of the Eleventh Doctor spot-on and you can to use that oft used phrase when reviewing TV tie in books hear Matt Smith speaking the lines that Colgan gives the Doctor.

This was a proper Doctor Who story rather than a science-fiction story with the Doctor in it and it could easily be imagined as a two part story in the new series without much difficulty as it could so easily be realised on screen.

There is a romance subplot as one of the plotlines in the story which is probably not surprising considering Colgan’s background but it is done in a way that makes sense in context of the story and doesn’t feel shoehorned into the plot.

The majority of the supporting characters are well realised and there is an interesting alien menace in the story and enough action to keep the reader interested.

I must admit to approaching this book with some trepidation but once I started reading it any doubts that I may have had soon slipped away, and I enjoyed a decent Doctor Who story written by someone who clearly has a love for the show and can tell an interesting tale.

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