The Silurian GiftThe Silurian Gift by Mike Tucker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Doctor Who : The Silurian Gift is another in the growing collection of Doctor Who Quick Reads, and is an Eleventh Doctor story.

This time he is travelling solo but does end up with a companion for the story itself (a photographer and political activist named Lizzie)so that he has someone to show how clever he is, which is something that the eleventh Doctor particularly likes I would say.

This book zips along at a fair old pace and can be read in next to no time at all and is written in straightforward easy to read prose.

It is quite like one of the old Target novels that I grew up reading and you could believe that this was based on a television episode as the story is not far from what you would expect to see on the new series.

The book also has some nice surprises in it which I really wasn’t expecting but which were nice to see.

Like the best telly tie-in novels you can really hear the familiar characters in the dialogue of the book and it fits in perfectly with the range.

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