Musing Mondays

I often don’t have a plan of what I am going to read next and, more often than not, visit the library and browse the shelves to see what there is that I might fancy reading.

That way I tend to read books that I might not otherwise pick up. Sometimes the cover takes my fancy, sometimes it is the title that sounds interesting (although that more often than not doesn’t make the book that interesting), or perhaps if it an author that I have heard of but have never read before than that might urge me to pick it up.

There are so many different reasons why I pick up a particular book but at the end of the day the true test is whether I actually like the book or not.

It certainly isn’t a foolproof way of finding the best books to read but it seems to work for me, most of the time anyway.


  1. I don’t really ever plan ahead, because everytime I do have a book in mind I usually find something else that I want to read more and read that instead. Working in a library means this happens way too often. It seems to work for me too, as long as I’m reading something I don’t mind. My MM

  2. Its always a dilemma for me as to what to read next. Will it be an unread book on my shelves, a book for review from NetGalley, The Reading Room or a publisher / author; sometimes I still go to the library even though Ive got plenty to choose from at home. I like online reserving from the library and then there are the audiobooks … and on it goes …. heres my musing:

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