Red or DeadRed or Dead by David Peace

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Red or Dead is an interesting book. It is basically the story of Bill Shankly from the time he took over as the manager of Liverpool Football Club until his death 22 year later.

Apart from the attention to detail lavished on virtually every single game Liverpool Football Club played between 1959 and 1974 from team selections to actual events from the matches themselves, what is more noticeable about the book is the style of the writing which is very repetitive, very repetitive indeed.

Whilst this starts of being a bit annoying after a while you cease to notice it and it just becomes a normal once you have read page after page after page of it and it ceases to bother you. I can therefore imagine though that this style might put a lot of people off this book, which would be a real shame as it is a really good book once you get into it.

I loved all of the stuff about the games but, then again, I am the sort of person who can sit and read teams sheets and scores for hours on end without getting bored, so this is the sort of thing that I will lap up.

This book will certainly not be to everyone’s taste and I can see a lot of people picking this up and not getting very far with it due to the style of the writing which would be a shame as it is really were persevering with.

My advice would be to read it in small chunks and you will find it less intimidating and more palatable. That was how I approached it and it served me well.

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