The third episode of Atlantis starts with a young man who decides that an old man in blocking his way when he is walking through the city. When the old man explains that he can’t get out the way without the help the man flips and demands to know if the old man knows who he is.

The old man doesn’t really comment on if he does know him or not and then the young man strikes the old man and knocks him down.

This act angers Jason who struck the man only to discover that the man in question was Heptarian, the nephew of the Queen, and also for some reason, a favourite of Poseidon.

They are arrested and King Minos decides to let Poseidon decide their feet by pitting them, and a group of other prisoners, against a bull and if they all managed to avoid being killed by the bull they would have been spared by Poseidon and set free.

The Queen decides this would be a good way of getting Jason out of her way by using good old fashioned sorcery and a bit of voodoo to make sure that Jason is killed by the bulls and therefore no one would be any the wiser.

Juliet Stephenson’s Oracle was not in this episode so we were spared more of her cryptic comments about Jason’s true nature which were not getting us anywhere and was most welcome in my eyes.

Sarah Parrish returned as Queen Pasiphae who really seems to have it in for Jason, mainly due to the King’s daughter, Ariadne’s, infatuation with Jason which scuppers her plans to marry her nephew, Heptarian, to the King’s lovely daughter.

This episode was ok and there were some quite interesting scenes in the bullring complete with lots of slow motion shots of the characters running towards an angry bull and then leaping over said bull making it even more angry than it was before, and I guess that the sub plot of Pasiphae trying to off Jason was also quite interesting only in the fact that it sets up what we are going to see a lot of this series and therefore is at least an interesting turn of events.

After being introduced last week Jemima Rooper’s Medusa is given a much reduced role in this episode and I hope that this isn’t going to be the way she is going to be from now on as she is quite an interesting character and they could do a lot better than just having her in the sort of role she has in this episode.

I think that Atlantis is enjoyable enough Saturday night fare, and an entertaining way to spend forty five minutes, but not a great deal more than that.