The fourth episode of By Any Means sees the team up against their toughest opponents to date: a married couple who were accused of stealing three million pounds from a children’s charity that they run in Africa who had successfully had the police officers in charge of the case sacked for harassment, and that unless any new evidence was forthcoming then the case would be struck out.

Of course the team were mightily pissed off with this couple and really wanted to see them fall but they had to tread very carefully as they had appeared to covered their tracks very well but the team were sure that they could break them somehow.

The episode was a bit of a game of cat and mouse as the team tried to wait for the couple to incriminate themselves but when it turned out that that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon they tried a different approach, which ended up landing them in very hot water.

Luckily at the end of the day they got them without having to go to that much trouble at all in a very nice about face for the couple who really thought that they had gotten away with the whole caper.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and actually thought that there wasn’t another way to proceed apart from Jake’s plan to get them to confess even if it did seem to be rather outrageous and not subtle, but I had to laugh at the way they were finally broken down.