Musing Mondays

I am always losing bookmarks and, as I don’t like to fold down the edges of pages when I want to put a book down, I just find the nearest thing to hand to mark my place be it a bus ticket, or an envelope, or anything that will allow me to get back to where I had got to before.

Otherwise I have to guess where I was and end up starting to read and soon after realising that I had already read that part and was actually further along in the book than I thought I was, which I hate.


  1. I rarely use a formal bookmark–I’ll fold down pages if I have to, but usually I’ll grab something nearby like a coupon, a flier, a piece of notebook paper–anything that’s flat will work!

  2. I am the same way. Sometimes I just force myself to try and memorize the page or chapter number if I can’t find anything. Then I either jot it down the moment I do find something, or it just becomes embedded in my brain somehow that I manage to remember it the next time I pick up the book. I realize I’m incredibly lucky with the latter, which is why I don’t tend to do it too often.

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