In the fifth episode of Atlantis we learn more about the duplicitous nature of Queen Pasiphae and the lengths that she will go to gain power with the story of how Therus, the eldest son of the King, was banished from Atlantis after a plot to kill the king himself.

The King couldn’t quite believe that Therus would do such a thing but Pasiphae talked him round with the amount of people who came forward to admit that there was a plot to kill the king with his son as the main culprit, and it seems that the King is rather keen to believe anything that Pasiphae says.

Ariadne gets a much larger role in this episode and is quite integral to the story for the first time in the series so far as a messenger is dispatched by the eldest son to let Ariadne know that he wasn’t dead.

Ariadne, being Ariadne, who had always disliked her step mother, and always believed she was up to something was glad to find out about this and wanted to find out more about it, but Pasiphae got wind of this and realised that if Ariadne found out the truth that all of her plans will be thrown into disarray.

Pasiphae who must always be in charge of the situation did her best to try and stop Ariadne getting wind of what really went on, (initially by torturing the messanger to death until he spilled the beans and then by attempting to shut the city down) but despite all of her best efforts Ariadne managed to get out of the city with the help of Jason, Hercules, Pythgaros and Korrina and realise that there wasn’t really anything that she wouldn’t do to try and get her hands on the throne, which makes her even more dangerous in my opinion, and Jason is the one person who she believes is a person who can foil her plans, which makes him her number one foe!.

For one thing Ariadne found out that the whole plot to kill the King was hatched by Pasiphae herself by getting her men threaten to kill the families of the men that she has chosen to implicate Therus, purely because he was about to come of age and therefore be in her way in her quest for the throne, and also the main reason why Therus sent the messenger to Ariadne so that the same thing wouldn’t befall her, which he tried to do by kidnapping her but was stopped by Jason and then by Ariadne herself when she came round.

We also get the first signs that the attraction between Jason and Ariadne is not just one way traffic as Jason nails his colours to the mast with his feelings for the King’s lovely daughter especially during the scenes mentioned above.