Dances With WolvesDances With Wolves by Michael Blake
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dances With Wolves is a novel which is probably better known as a film directed by and starring Kevin Costner which won a lot of awards when it was released.

It is the story of an American soldier who is transferred onto the American frontier who arrives at his posting only to discover that it had been abandoned by its previous occupants and that he was all on his own.

Despite him being the only person there he found plenty to keep himself occupied. An American Indian tribe nearby discovered him there, and the rest of the story is about him ingratiating himself within the tribe and how he changes as a person by becoming one of them, most notably falling in love with one of the tribeswomen.

The film was very long and seemed to go on forever with not a great deal happening but in its original novel format it doesn’t seem to be as slow paces as the film turned out to be.

I have never actually managed to finish watching the film without falling asleep and I was able to complete reading the novel without the same happening which is a plus point for the book I would say.

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