2008: The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Kung Fu Panda, Hancock, Mamma Mia!, Quantum of Solace, Iron Man, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian were released in cinemas; The Smashing Pumpkins released American Gothic, Ringo Starr released Liverpool 8, Supergrass release Diamond Hoo Ha, R.E.M. release Accelerate; Russia won the Eurovision Song Contest with Believe by Dima Bilan; Portsmouth win the FA Cup final beating Cardiff City 1-0.

Character options release a Radio Controlled Davros this year which was pretty cool.

It was a 12 inch figure with a radio control handset available in two frequencies 27 MHz and 40 MHz.

Not only can you drive this around your front room annoing your relatives you can scare them by making the figure say the following phrases: ‘The circle of time is closing. The end of the universe is come.’; ‘You will suffer for this.’; ‘You are the destroyer of worlds.’; ‘Welcome to my new empire, Doctor.’; ‘Davros. Lord and creator of the Dalek race.’; ‘Beware your pride.’; ‘Why so shy.’; ‘Activate the holding cells.’; ‘This is my ulimate victory, Doctor. The destruction of reality itself.’

What could be better, especially if you don’t like your pet Cat!