At the start of the seventh episode King Minos announces that Heptarian is to be betrothed to his daughter Ariadne, and that to celebrate a Pancratium would be held. The Pancratium is a contest between several people where there is a knife placed in the centre of an area and the first person to get to the knife and then cut the other person is the winner. The only rule of the Pancratium is that there are no rules.

When Jason gets wind of the news that Ariadne is to marry Heptarian who tries to persuade her not to do it if she didn’t have feelings for him, also hoping that she had feelings for him as he thought that she had a couple of episodes ago. Jason then goes and enters the Pancratium and ends up beating all the others to meet Heptarian in the final of this contest.

Pasiphae is up to no good in this episode apart from basically threatening Ariadne by making her tell Jason that she has no feelings for him at all and slowly poisoning her husband. Is there nothing that that woman wouldn’t do to get powers!

The majority of the episode was taken up with the Pancratium with Jason working his way through the rest of the combatants, not having a complete easy time of it, it has to be said. The more interesting stuff in the episode was not the Pancratium, but was the whole will Ariadne accept that she loves Jason, and would rather be ripped apart by a pack of wild wolves rather than marry Heptarian, which of course, we knew what the outcome was goint to be, right at the beginning of the episode, because there are still a few more episodes to come of this season.

We did get a bit of a twist near the end though which should make the new few episodes interesting but it is likely that Pasiphae will get her way for a while at least, but things aren’t looking good for King Minos!