In episode 8 of Atlantis we found out something about Pythagoras that we didn’t know before. At first it was that he had a brother, Arcas, who he had never mentioned before, and also that he had killed his own dad, but not in an Oedipus sort of way but to protect his mother rather than shag her.

Hercules is charged by this man with taking some treasure across to the father of the bride he has chosen for his son and Hercules opted to take the job on as they needed the money and Arcas decided to tag along as well.

Whilst on this journey, Arcas calls on the furies to avenge the death of father by offering up who ever killed him to the Furies, as he believed that this man who was in the party carrying the treasure across the desert had been in the same city as he had been and was probably the person who killed his father, not realising that it has been Pythagoras that had been responsible instead.

This episode was a great one for Robert Emms who had more to do in this episode than he had in the previous seven episodes put together.

The effects used for the Furies were quite impressive and were much better than if they had just used CGI to realise them.

Not a bad episode but mostly because it gave Pythagoras some much needed backstory.