Episode 9 of Atlantis was a race against time for Hercules to save Medusa after she is kidnapped by a moneylender, Kyros, that Hercules knew in exchange for retrieving a box from the underworld for the aforementioned moneylender.

Hercules who would do absolutely anything for Medusa, even if meant certain death for him and for anyone else who happened to be with him at the time decided that he had little choice but to go ahead with the mission and get this box for the man.

They find the one person in the whole of Atlantis who knows how to get to the underworld without actually dying, as none of them were very keen on that way of getting to the underworld as that would sort of put a bit of downer on Hercules burgeoning relationship with Medusa.

This priest (a cameo by the great Julian Glover) shows them how to do it and Hercules and Jason descend into the underworld, pay the ferryman, cross the river Styx and meet one of the people who were killed in the episode with the bull fight in it who assists Jason and Hercules in their quest.

What I liked most about this episode was the depiction of the underworld although I was a bit disappointed that there was no Cerberus but apart from that I thought that it worked quite well.

I also like the twist at the end of the episode with Medusa quite literally living up to her name by the close of this episode, and there is a nice link into the next episode. The sad thing is that you just know that this can’t end well.