Musing Mondays

I have just started reading London Falling, an urban fantasy novel written by Paul Cornell.

I have been reading quite a bit of urban fantasy lately, and most of it seems to be set in London.

Quite a bit of it is being written by former Doctor Who writers as well, with Cornell and Ben Aaronovitch both writing urban fantasies, set in the capital, but which are completely different from each other, and seem like they are set in completely different versions of the city.

There are also the books of Kate Griffin, China Mieville’s Kraken and Christopher Fowler’s PCU series of books, all of them ostensibly the same genre, but all of the unique in their own way, without covering the same ground over and over again, each painting a different picture of the city that never sleeps.


  1. I didn’t realize those were former Dr. Who writers. I have read several urban fantasy books set in London. Since I have never been to London I don’t have a frame of reference on what is the same and what is different in the setting.

  2. I read some historical books with the London setting, but no urban fantasy books. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever read an urban fantasy book. Happy reading!

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