After the events of episode 9 Hercules blames himself for Medusa’s fate and is beside himself that he can never see her again, or risk being turned to stone. He asks everybody if they are able to work out a way to change her back but to no avail. He asks Pythagoras to help him find a cure for Medusa, but not even he is able to find one until he goes and sees the great inventor Daedalus who tells him that the only cure for Medusa is for a person to give their life up for hers.

Meanwhile one of Hercules contacts tells him where Medusa can be found. Pythagoras decides that he cannot tell Hercules of the only cure as he doesn’t want him to sacrifice himself and knows that Medusa wouldn’t want it to be that way either, so he doesn’t tell him.

Hercules decides to go and see Medusa anyway and he leaves before Jason and Pythagoras wake. When they do wake they notice that he has gone and go after him only to find out that the way to the caves where Medusa is hiding are the Scythians, a tribe of men, who capture people then let them go and then chase them until they find and kill them. Pythagoras and Hercules end up meeting these people and discover that Hercules is already imprisoned by them and with Jason and Atalanta, a girl who appeared out of nowhere and who is pretty handy with a bow, they are able to escape from them and find Medusa.

This is another good example of Atlantis really being all about character rather than a whole load of action and how the main characters are always there for each other which is well played by the three regulars. It does seems that we will see a lot more of Atalanta after this episode and it looks like she is going to replace Medusa as the main female character as there isn’t really a lot that Medusa can do at the moment as if anyone so much as looks at her (apart from Jason who, for some reason, seems immune to her gaze) turns to stone.

Ten episodes in and I am slowly starting to get more into this show and I think that it is really the interaction between the main characters that is keeping the show interesting as you start to get to know and like them and want them to succeed each episode.

I am glad that it happened though before the finale as I think that might have been too little too late.