Solo: A James Bond NovelSolo: A James Bond Novel by William Boyd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Solo is the most recent James Bond novel, and is also a return to form.

Unlike the previous novel, Carte Blanche, which was a modern day reboot of the series, this is firmly placed in the original novel canon, which is much better in my opinion as I think the character of Bond suits this style and era much better than a modern setting.

Bond is celebrating his 45th birthdays at the start of this novel, so he is a much maturer Bond that we have seen in a lot of the books, but when you read the book he isn’t really that much different to how we are used to him being.

He gets involved with a couple of women in the book and seems to be a little keener on one of them that he is normally is, despite the fact that he hardly knew her, and has no qualms about having two women on the go, so pretty much textbook Bond.

Some of the regular characters make an appearance in this book but only in very short cameos.

The plot spans Europe, Africa and America in just over three hundred pages and whilst not totally original works well enough in the context of the sixties setting and the canon of Bond himself – the book even features a recipe for salad dressing!

I really enjoyed this, and it could have so easily come from the pen of Fleming himself, so close to the tone of the Fleming novels this book is.

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