In the eleventh episode of Atlantis Jason finds some meat in what looks like a temple, and steals it to take back and share with Hercules and Pythagoras, who are both as hungry as he is. Once he steals this meat someone returns to the temple, and bares very sharp teeth.

Jason takes the meat back home and waits for the other two until the hunger overcomes him and he eats it all himself just before the other two get back.

The following night Jason goes missing and his wakes up totally naked covered in chicken feathers unable to remember what had happened to him.

They soon realise that Jason had eaten some meat that was an offering to the gods, and had been turned into a werewolf and the rest of the episode was a race against time to cure Jason of the curse and save him from himself and from the clutches of Heptarian, who on hearing about the escaped beast wanted to capture it himself.

This episode was a more light hearted romp than the last few episodes had been which was a bit of a shame as the series was just starting to get rather interesting and this almost seems like a bit of step back to the first few episodes that we had.

Then again it could be a bit of a breather before the last two episodes of the series where it looks like something quite interesting might happen.