Episode 12 of Atlantis starts with a dream sequence where Circe reminds Jason of a oath he made with her to kill Pasiphae or him and his friends would be killed. He tells both Hercules and Pythagoras that he has to do this or they will all die. They agree to help him enter the city so that he can do what he has to do and Jason gets into the city but cannot bring him to kill Pasiphae in cold blood.

Hercules and Pythagoras flee the palace walls and return back to the house when it becomes apparent that Jason presence in the palace has been discovered. Jason tries to hide in Ariadne’s rooms and when she discovers what he was trying to do she let him stay the night and then helped him flee the palace.

Jason returned to their home and told them that he was unable to kill Pasiphae and that he would try and think of way to stop them all dying at the hands of Circe. Hercules’ preferred option is to grow a beard and flee the city but Pythagoras and Jason both agree that this would not stop Circe from finding them. Not feeling willing to allow Hercules and Pythagoras to be killed Jason sedates them and goes off to confront Circe on his own.

Back in the palace Pasiphae is really annoyed that someone tried to kill her and is determined that the person be found and sentenced to death for treason. When it is discovered that they would be assassin escaped through something only known to a select group of people in the palace Pasiphae knows that someone knows who the person was and helped them escape.

One of Ariadne’s maids discovers some blood in her bed and Ariadne tells her that it was not her blood but that of the intruder said maid tells Pasiphae of Ariadne’s treachery and Ariadne is summoned by Pasiphae, accused of treason and when she refused to name the intruder, sentence to death. When Jason hears about this he isn’t happy at all.

This is the penultimate episode of the first series and was another return to form episode after the last episode which was more like an earlier episode than the far more assured later episodes. By the end of this episode there is no doubt in people’s minds that Pasiphae is truly evil and that there is nothing and nobody that she will let get in her way of the throne and it looks like poor Ariadne might be done for, much like her poor father who is slowly being poisoned to death by Pasiphae whilst playing the role of dutiful wife.

Sadly for Minos he doesn’t have someone like Jason on his side which does make me wonder if Jason might be able to save her in the series finale which would be an interesting development in this story and also in the series long plot of Pasiphae scheming her way to the throne which looks set to be concluded in the next episode.

It doesn’t look good for the betrothal between Heptarian and Ariadne now Pasiphae has sentenced her death, does it. It certainly sets everything up for an interesting season finale where hopefully Pasipahe will get her comeuppance and, hopefully, we find a bit more about Jason and who he really is!