Russian Literature 2014

Original post here.

For this challenge the books have to be written by a Russian author, or a novel set in Russia. You can use books from any other challenge you’ve set yourself. Finally, you can list list your books before you start, or, like me, you can just explore and read whatever comes your way.

There are four levels:
Level one: 1 – 3 books
Level two: 4 – 6 books
Level three: 7 – 12 books
Level four: 12 + books

I am going for level one, but have not yet decided on which books I am going to read.


I have read three books of Russian literature so far

1 – Eugene Onegin by Pushkin
2 – War and Peace by Tolstoy
3 – Poor People by Dostoyevsky


    1. I have a few ideas about what to read. War and Peace is something I have thought about reading for some time, and now seems like as good as time as any other!

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