The final episode of Atlantis answered some of the questions posed during the first series, but also left a lot more open for the second series, which is does appear is going to happen as it tells us that Atlantis will return.

It does sort of peter out though in the episode as nothing bad really happens in the end as Ariadne is saved and everything seems to be back to the way it was except that the viewers now know who Jason’s assumed dead mother is and, sort of, who his father is, or at least what he looks like, and the fact that he is played by John Hannah and seems to be a leper.

It was all pretty exciting though with all hell breaking lose and Ariadne sort of escaping from the clutches of Pasiphae and going on a chase with Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras believing that she had escaped, only to find herself back in the queen’s clutches and expecting to be executed forthwith.

She must have thought her luck had ran out at the point, but without Jason actually doing anything she ended up surviving through some of other people in the court (most notably the head priest) who actually realised what Pasiphae was up to, and put a stop to it. Pasiphae was not impressed by this as she thought that she had it all sorted out.

Worse of all, for Pasiphae, was that there was very little that she could do about it, as the people she thought she could trust turned out to not trust her at all.

It also isn’t clear from the end of this episode what is going to happen to Pasiphae after her duplicity was uncovered but is probably won’t be anything like what she had planned for Ariadne, which certainly wasn’t very pleasant.

I did expect that Hercules father would have told him who he actually was rather than just helping him, and also that we found out that his father seems to be, well, human and not a god as I originally thought he was but we know have a new titbit of information that he is touched by the gods, as is his mother, whatever that means.

It also transpires that Minos is more powerful than he appears to be but if he was why was he so easily tricked by Pasiphae into allowing himself to be poisoned in the first place, and how quickly did he appear to recover from the effects of this poison which was supposed to leave no trace and for which there was no antidote.

Perhaps the bloke who got the poison for Pasiphae in the first place was lying about it as he wasn’t really the sort of person that could be trusted when you think about it and she did seem to totally believe what he said without really making sure that it worked as the man said it did, perhaps by forcing him to ingest the poison himself first, but no, she just assumes that it would work so more fool her really.

So in the end nothing bad happens to Ariadne, despite it appearing that everything was conspiring against her, well apart from that fact that Minos will not let anything happen between her and Jason, which is not really going to go down well with either of them.

The first series of Atlantis was ok I would say. It took a while to get going but it has some really good episodes towards the end of the run and I reckon that it will settle down like Merlin did, so I would hope to see good things in the next run of episodes, probably next year sometime.