Sherlock: The Empty Hearse is an interesting episode because the majority of it is really explaining about what happened at the end of the previous episode, and the reasons why he did it, and also how he managed to get away with such an audacious plan, and what it took to actually achieve.

By the end of the episode we are not entirely certain why he did it, but do have an interesting and rather clever explanation of how he did it, which seem very typical of Sherlock, but is also quite impossible to work out how he managed to make everything going according to his plan, and an indication that there is a new person on the block who is keeping tabs on Sherlock.

This episode has lots of humour in it mostly with John’s reaction to Sherlock returning from the dead, and also Sherlock’s expectations of John, which appear to be that he should just accept everything that Sherlock says and just carry on as if nothing had happened. The scenes in the restaurant when they first meet are hilarious because it is exactly what any rational person would have done under similar circumstances.

There was also the group of like-minded individuals collectively called The Empty Hearse who meet up to discuss their theories about what happened to Sherlock, most of which are just as ridiculous as the one used by the writers, including one which appears to involve Sherlock and Moriarty getting together, and also wear deerstalkers.

There was a fun scene where Sherlock and Mycroft were playing board games including Operation and chatting about their childhood, which appeared to be far from typical, but very much how you might imagine their childhood to have been, and also a scene apparently featuring Sherlock’s parents, who I think were played by Benedict Cumberbatch’s actual parents!

When they eventually got around to having a case for them to solve that was actually rather interesting involving a potential terrorist attack at the very heart of British politics but almost seemed tacked onto the episode which was mainly about introducing Sherlock back after apparently killing him off.

The episode was a lot of fun though from start to finish with some great direction and interesting camera angles, and I really enjoy when Sherlock enters his mind palace and all the information that he is looking at it relayed onto the screen in weird and wonderful ways, it certainly makes for interesting viewing, and needs to watched more than once to take it all in.

Best of all in this episode was the acting of the two leads who were both absolutely brilliant in this episode with Benedict Cumberbatch being totally oblivious to the after effects of his admittedly brilliant plan and Martin Freeman behaving in a totally realistic way to what he has just had to accept which is his best friend coming back to life after two years as if nothing had happened, it would be a trying experience for the best of us.

Sherlock is back and it is fantastic to see him again!