Chapters 1 & 2 Questions

– First impressions of Eugene?

I get the initial impression that Eugene is a bit of a spoilt child who has never had to, and never will need to, put himself out to do anything and generally gets whatever he wants. I am not sure that I like him thus far.

– What do you make of the narrator’s commentary?

I thought that the commentary was very witty and I loved the little asides and comments especially when the context is explained in some of the notes and also in my own reading afterwards.

– Thoughts on the characters sketched out in Chapter 2?

The characters introduced in the second chapter did seems to be rather typical characters of the period that the poem was written in and would probably be the sort of people that Pushkin himself would know quite well.

I have enjoyed it so far. I am enjoying the poetry and it is very, very witty.

I would have to say that each stanza is stand out in its own way as there is always something interesting in them.

Reading War and Peace at the same time it is interesting to see the similarities in some of the topics in each story!