Sherlock : His Last Vow

His Last Vow was certainly an interesting final episode of the third series of Sherlock. For one, it actually had a plot with a beginning, middle and an end, which makes it a bit of a rarity for Sherlock at the moment.

It also contains some WTF moments some of which I certainly did not see coming, especially all of the stuff about Mary, I mean where did that come from at all? And of course the stuff at the beginning of the episode where Sherlock actually seemed to be in a relationship with a woman, which I did for a bit sort of believe until I remembered what happened in the original story The Master Blackmailer, when the reality of the situation reared its head, in a way that was much more Sherlockesque than it appeared to be at the start of the episode, even if it was highly amusing and the entire audience had the same reaction to it as John Watson did i.e. total disbelief that Sherlock was actually capable of having a relationship with a woman.

What I did like how, nothing that happened in the previous two episodes, didn’t happen for a reason, such as Sherlock flirting with the bridesmaid at the wedding, and even John being buried under a bonfire which really tied together this series as basically just one long story with more twists and turns than a twisty turny thing.

There was a couple of shock endings in this episode with the ending of the story of the episodes itself, and then the ending right at the end of the episode leading into the next series, was also something that I really didn’t see coming even though after everything that has happened in this series that probably shouldn’t have been surprising at all. If I am being honest, it makes just as much sense as anything else that happened in this episode.

The acting was superb throughout with all players giving fantastic performances especially Lars Mickleson who was excellent as the thoroughly creepy and odious Charles Augustus Magnusson who, for some reason, best known to him likes to lick things and is basically another Moriarty type character who is pretty much like Sherlock himself (and even has his own mind palace) which makes him a worthy adversary for Sherlock.

Speaking of mind palaces these are really well realised in this series even better than they had before in the show and have often been the highlights of the episode. Magnusson’s are a bit more straightforward, and less flashy than Sherlock’s, but just as impressive.

I really enjoyed this final episode of this series of Sherlock and it really is a shame if felt like it had only just got started before it finished, which is always going to be the case for this particular series, so I just enjoy it to the fullest whilst it is on our screens and marvel at the way it is all put together, and berate myself for not working it all out earlier.

Let’s hope that there isn’t another two year gap between series next time!