Death In Paradise Series 3 Episode 1

In a rather unusual twist the third season of Death in Paradise began with the murder of the lead character from the first two series Ben Miller’s DI Richard Poole, which is certainly not what I was expecting, as it looked like he might be staying at the end of the previous series with a potential relationship developing between him and Camille.

However at the start of this episode Poole was leaving and Kris Marshall’s character Humphrey Goodman was already on his way but having him bumped off the opening episode sort of answered the will he won’t he stay question in the most final way possible, and also made for a very nteresting plot for the new inspector to deduct for his very first case.

What was nice about this episode was that it showed how important a character that Richard Poole was and what he meant to all of the characters, particularly Camille, and how they respected him but it was also nice that never at one point did Goodman tread on the memory of him throughout the case, and the example of him not joining them at the end showed that as well.

Kris Marshall’s character was very different, and yet at the same time quite similar to Poole with I think Goodman being a bit more laid back and less stuffy than Poole was but also a lot more bumbling (the scene when he fell out of the window being a good example of this, as well as him downing that rum in one go) and I think that this aspect of his character is going to be highlighted over this series as Poole’s obsession with tea and the temperature was in the previous two series.

There is going to be a different dynamic this series as well with the regulars back where they started in the first series with them not sure about the new inspector but this time they have also recently lost their much loved and respected first inspector which I think it also going to play on their minds and that is not going to be easy for them to accept Goodman in that role, but he is quite easy going and isn’t trying to be a copy of Poole so I think that it will work out fine.

They are all going to have to get to know the new character so this series will be a bit more like the first series as they are all slowly getting to know him and perhaps in time they will also get to respect him as well, after all they are already aware of his skills as a detective, even if Poole had left all of the clues there for them to piece together, which was very in character for him.

The series premise has not been greatly changed by this though there is still a British inspector stuck on an island that he doesn’t really know, and probably doesn’t want to be there learning to live with the locals and the customs and there will always be a steady stream of British tourists turning up (because for the most part they all seem to be British), and ending up either dead or unmasked as killers and the idea of a tropical island is also quite appealing at this time of year when it is cold and windy outside.

Yes, it will be a bit strange not to see Ben Miller in it anymore but Kris Marshall is inherently watchable and the format is such a winner that I am not sure that it can really ever go wrong.

There is really only one thing for certain, and that is that we aren’t going to be seeing Richard Poole anymore.