Chapters 3 & 4 Questions

– Impressions of Tatyana and Olga?
Tatyna seems like a nice girl but is incredibly naive and a bit too easily led; I can’t say that I have any impression of Olga at all from what I have read so far,

– What do you make of Onegin’s reaction to Tatyana?
Onegin is quite pleased that she has fallen hopelessly in love with him but he tries to keep her at arms length rather than just trying to get his end away, which would probably happen if it was set now. This makes him quite a rounded character who is more interested in her welfare and happiness than his own, which is quite refreshing.

– How does the story, thus far, compare or contrast with another classic romantic novel (of your choice)?
I suppose it does give the impression of being about unrequited love but I can’t really compare to any other classic romantic novels as I can’t think of any that I have read and remember!