Death in Paradise Series 3 Episode 2

Episode two of this series of Death in Paradise a film shoot on the island is rocked by the death of the stand-in of the start of the film and the Honoré police (all four of them), are bought in to investigate. I wouldn’t say that Richard Poole has been forgotten about by this episode as it can only be set days after they found out who killed him but all of the main characters are trying their best to help Humph settle on the island not knowing that the poor guy’s missus left him via an answerphone message!

Humph was a bit more settled in this episode (he has even bonded with Harry the lizard) and didn’t stick out like a sore thumb as much as he did last week’s episode, but he did carry on his shtick of being a bit stupid to most other people constantly about to trip over things, lulling people into a false sense of security before showing that he really does know what is going on and comes up with a brilliant deduction which is sometimes a surprise and sometimes not.

In this episode Peter Davison played the writer of the film that was being shot when the stand in was murdered and he was portrayed as a writer who was down on his luck and was actually heard saying that she would be better off dead at the start of the episode, which immediately made him the least likely suspect out of all them.

The reveal of the killer in the end was the only person who it made sense to be but one thing I did notice was that, for the second episode running, it was a formerly unknown police record that did for the killer and which was only spotted by Humph. Perhaps that is just a coincidence that it happened in two episodes in a row, or perhaps they are running out of ideas.

Personally I prefer the former than the latter as whatever else this series is it certainly brightens up a cold and wet winter evening.