Death in Paradise Series 3 Episode 3

Episode 3 of Death in Paradise saw an old friend of Fidel’s being the murder victim, and had him all in a tizzy throughout the episode as he fought to do his job and protect his friends, especially when a mutual friend of both of theirs was one of the suspects.

This friend of his turned out to be a male escort who seemed to specialist in much older women than himself judging by his client list, but also in the end that his heart truly laid elsewhere.

In this episode Fidel wasn’t too sure of himself and we saw a different side to him that we would normally do, we also found out that he pretty much lost touch with his old friend the moment he became a police officer because of his friend’s occupation, which you can sort of see why he did it, even if it is obviously something that has been on his mind for quite a while as to whether or not it was the correct decision or not.

It was nice that there wasn’t some previously unknown criminal conviction that caused Humph to work out who the murderer was this time but in this case something that had been staring him in the face for the entire episode.

Josette Simon from Blake’s 7 appeared in this episode as one of the potential murder suspects looking almost exactly the same as she did back in 1980 and 1981!

Art was the main theme in this episode and it appeared that the poor murder victim just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and would still be alive if he had just avoided the exhibition entirely and the murderer would have been able to make a whole load of money and avoided having to kill someone in the process, but that didn’t happen and it unfolded the way that we saw it.

I am slowly getting to like the character of Humph, who is a bit less of a pompous arse than Richard Poole was, but is still unfailingly British, and a bit clumsy, which I can relate to.

It is also nice to see a bit of sun when it is pissing it down outside!