I have now read volume 2 of War and Peace, and am virtually half way through the book, and it has only taken me a month which I am really surprised at to be honest, and makes me think that I can read it in a lot less time than I originally thought which will be nice.

The main characters continue to grow throughout this second volume and there is a bit less of the war in this volume than there is the first volume, but it is always there in background, as I guess it pretty much was for the people who were living in that period of history.

We learned quite a lot about freemasonry in this volume with Pierre becoming a mason after leaving his wife as he had heard that she was having an affair and challenged someone to a duel (which seems to be a very Russian thing to do in this situation as it was in Eugene Onegin).

There is quite a lot of romance going on in this volume with the different families trying to marry of their sons and daughters to each other but only if there is something in it for them, rather than because the people are actually even slightly interested in the other, which would seem to be very typical of  period of history. It is no wonder that most of the couples in the books don’t seem to get on very well with each other!

Rather than more war we get a very lengthy description of a hunt, which wasn’t that interesting really and would probably have been more interesting if it had been more war instead.

I think that a lot of the female characters get quite a lot of time devoted to them in this volume as it was pretty much all about the men in the first volume with the girls getting a bit more attention here even if most of it was about how much they loved someone and how hard it was them not being with the person they loved etc, etc.

I actually find all the interactions between the characters, and the descriptions of life in Russia at that time, to be the most interesting this about this book and that is what is making this book so fascinating to read!