The third episode of The Musketeers had two distinct plot threads. One was about the Musketeers attempts to deliver a Emile Bonnaire, a smuggler, to the King and their escapades in preventing him from escaping from them with lots of other people on his trail, and also with some character stuff based around Athos and Milady and it has now been spelled out who Milday is, and who she was in the past, and why she has it in for the Musketeers, and why Athos did what we he did to the women he apparently loved.

It isn’t yet clear why she has appears to have a thing for D’Artagnan though unless it is all tied up with her hatred of all things Musketeer, which is perfectly understandable when you realise what happened to her at the hands of Athos, who turns out to also be a member of the nobility, which the other musketeers certainly are not.

We also get an explanation as to why Porthos in this series is of mixed-race when he wasn’t in the book with him being the son of a freed slave, which caused the character much anger in this episode as Bonnaire had worked as a slave-trader, but with Bonnaire just saying that all he was doing was trading with commodities which, unfortunately, a lot of African’s were treated as in those days, so the character of Bonnaire wasn’t so untypical of a lot of people of that time, however unsavoury it is today and might have been then as well, because none of the Musketeers seem to be fond of the idea of buying and selling people, well apart from women who sell themselves it would appear.

It is good that there is this plot thread running through the series as this series could have a tendency to get a bit samey I would say.