Death in Paradise Series 3 Episode 4

In the fourth episode of Death in Paradise, a seemingly popular air stewardess was found dead in her hotel room the morning of their next flight off the island. It appeared that she had been poisoned, but she had not eaten or drunk anything and it was difficult to see how the poison had been ingested.

When we finally found out at the end of the episode it was a very inventive way of doing it and the culprit was the least likely person that it could possibly have been given the list of potential suspects that they had and it was all the better for it as the other suspects had the more likely alibis but in the end it was the oldest motive of them all which was the reason for why the air stewardess had to die, and it wasn’t because she had given someone terrible service either.

Dwayne had other ideas though and was convinced that it was this woman that he knew and who he thought was up to no good. It turned out, in the end, that she wasn’t up to much good, but it wasn’t exactly as bad as he originally thought that it might have been, though not exactly legal!

I thought that the twist in this episode was rather good and, even though it made sense who the killer actually was in the end, it certainly wasn’t obvious from the start, with a few of the others more who seemed far guiltier than the actual perpetrator did, which kept me guessing right up until the very end.