Episode 5 of Death in Paradise saw the team trying to solve the apparent suicide of a politician who had recently been “outed” in the press as having an affair with an intern and was about to resign when he was found dead in his office with a suicide note.

It was all set up to appear like a clear cut suicide case but there was something about it that Humph wasn’t entirely convinced of despite all of the evidence that supported that supposition.

For one thing even though he had been shot, and had a shotgun in his hand, there was not residue on his fingers, which meant that he cannot possibly have fired the gun, which could only mean one thing and something that Humph was determined to discover as soon as possible.

We met Camille’s father in this episode and it turned out that he wasn’t the bad man that she had been led to believe all of these years, but was not the most reliable either so, when she nearly fell out with her mother over it, she soon realised that her mother had done the right thing in bringing her up on her own, especially when she turned out all right, all things considered.

My wife and I are really enjoying Kris Marshall in this as his character is really endearing and always fun to watch and you never know what he is going to do next, but always gets the culprit in the end despite his constant pratfalls and his seeming ability to appear that he hasn’t got a clue what is doing whilst simultaneously always being the cleverest person in the room and having complete control of the situation.