Episode six of Death in Paradise saw the team investigate the death of a ‘twitcher’ (sorry Birder) who was found dead as part of an team of ornithologists, and other bird fanciers, who had got together to try and get a glimpse of the very rare Saint Marie Green Parrot, which was so rare that there were just two breeding pairs left on the island.

The ornithologist in question seemed to be a bit full of himself, and just before he got murdered he did seem to rub most of the others up the wrong way so that when he was found dead they weren’t short of potential suspects and most of them didn’t seem to be that bothered that he was dead.

As per usual there weren’t that many suspects to choose from and some of the had clear cut alibis, and some of them conveniently didn’t, even though the pool of potential suspects for this case wasn’t very large at all.

In the end when it was all unravelled he wasn’t killed for any of the reasons that the majority of the viewers would have thought, such as he was a bit of a bastard and was killed because of something that he had said to somebody about somebody else, which was one of the potential scenarios for the motive for his murder, and that he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was actually doing something good rather trying to get one over the others.

The final twist of the episode when it turned out that there wasn’t a Saint Marie Green Parrot left after the hurricane the previous scene provoked the biggest laughs in the episode, and made the ‘twitcher’s’ death even more pointless than usual for this series.