Portho wakes up in the middle of the street, and finds himself next to a dead body. He is arrested and soon sentenced to death for the killing, which he isn’t sure that he was even responsible for.

Just as he is about to be executed he is captured and taken to the part of the city where he was originally from, the Court of Miracles, a massive slum area in the middle of Paris which a lot of people would be happy to get rid of, no matter what the cost.

The rest of the Musketeers try to discover if Porthos actually was responsible for the murder or not, and who else might have been responsible if that wasn’t the case, which they really hoped was not the case.

Slowly the events of the previous night come back to Porthos and by the end he works out that he didn’t kill the young man after all and that he knows who did but that it might be very difficult to prove. The other Musketeers also uncover a plot to rid Paris of the Court of Miracles which is directly linked to the death of the young man whom Porthos is accused of killing.

This episode was quite interesting as, for the majority of the episode you simply didn’t know if Porthos was innocent or not, as even if you didn’t want to believe that he was there was little other evidence to suggest that he wasn’t the person responsible, and as he was drunk at the time he night have been responsible for the death of the young man without being aware of it.

It was touch and go whether the rest of the Musketeers were convinced that he couldn’t be guilty either. They wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt which was just as well as the real culprit was soon discovered and it had the murky finger prints of Cardinal Richelieu all over it as well.

We learn a bit more about Porthos background in this episode after the hints that we had a couple of episodes ago which didn’t do his potential innocence all that good to be honest, but Porthos was able to show that he wasn’t responsible for the young man’s death and the other Musketers were also able to stop a subplot to destroy Porthos childhood home and also the Musketeer himself.

There are an awful lot of coincidences in this episode, and in the series as whole if I am being honest, but despite that the show is still entertaining and is a perfectly decent way of spending an hour on a Sunday evening.