We are nearly at the end of the third series of Death in Paradise and I think it is fair to say that Kris Marshall has now well and truly settled into the series and he is just as good as Ben Miller was, but in a completely different way.

In this seventh episode the team are called over to a neighbouring island to Saint Marie which is privately owned after the owner of the island was found shot dead by his housemaid.

The only other people present on the island at the time of the murder were the three adult children of the deceased and the dead man’s personal assistant.

There was also the problem of a storm approaching the island which caused Humph, Camille, Dwayne and Fidel to be stuck on the island with a killer on the loose.

It didn’t help that none of the man’s offspring had a good word to say about him, as they all felt that he was disappointed in them for various different reasons and didn’t understand them, and his personal assistant had a personal vendetta against him after what his business practices did to her father, which meant that all of them had a reason to want him dead.

He was even seen to argue with his eldest son the night before his murder which laid the suspicion on him, especially when he turned out to own a pistol, which was identified as the murder weapon by Fidel.

In the end this turned out to be a red herring, but it really did look like it was a cut and shut case after that evidence was uncovered and it didn’t look like there was an alternative possibility, but, as is usually the case with this series, there was another answer, and it didn’t seem an obvious one to me, until I actually sat down and thought about it.

It is such a shame there is only one more episode to go as I really enjoy this show!