As I write this we are second in the premier league, four points from the league leaders. We have 10 games left to play:

Manchester United
Cardiff City
West Ham United
Norwich City
Crystal Palace

If we win all ten of these games we we finish the season with 89 points.

Based upon this assumption, and the assumption that both Chelsea and Manchester City win the rest of their games, apart from the one against us naturally, then we will still not win the league as Chelsea and Manchester City will finish with 90 points with Arsenal finishing fourth with 83 points.

So we not only have to win all of our remaining games, but we have to hope that both Chelsea and Man City also drop points in other games, which might happen but then again might not and, that is also assuming, that we do not drop any points along the way either.

It is possible, but I am not sure I would put any money on it, but if we don’t finish in the top four this season given our form so far this season then we are not moving as forward as we like to think we are!