This episode saw the mother of the King, Marie De Medici return to France ostensibly to see her son but neither Richelieu, nor Treville were convinced by her seeming innocence after the last time when she tried to take the crown from her son. A baby was taken from its mother by some soldiers and the Musketeers were charged with trying to find the baby and return it to its mother.

It turned out that this event was directly linked to the return of the kings mothers as it turned out that the baby that had been captures was no ordinary, common or garden baby but in fact the true heir to the throne as it was discovered that the king had a twin brother who was born deformed and hidden away and had had a child, which meant that the king was no longer the true heir to the throne and that the baby was, despite the fact that only a few people were aware of this fact and the one person who would really benefit from this would be the grandmother of the baby, the Kings mother, and nobody else.

So the episode was basically a race against time to make sure that the baby was safe from the machinations of Richelieu who would not condone the baby staying alive as it would not suit his plans at all and he would not let something so little stand in his way.

Aramis was once again heavily involved in this episode, as was Constance who went all gooey when she saw the baby and opined about the fact that she was never destined to have a baby. I can imagine that her husband probably isn’t that interested in her in that way as he is hardly to be seen and she doesn’t seem to be particularly happy either so she might be right on that score, unless D’Artagnan gets his act together, as he obviously fancies him rotten.

Aramis had a chance at lasting happiness in this episode with the mother of the baby but he decided that he would prefer to stay where he was. Each to their own I suppose, but then again it wouldn’t be right to lose of the main musketeers so early on in the series over a mere chit of a girl would it?