In the final episode of the third season of Death In Paradise a popular member of a nursing home was found dead in her locked room, with an empty packet of sleeping pills next to her.

When the body was examined the cause of death was reported to be an overdose of sleeping pills, and the remains of the last meal that she ate had traces of the sleeping pills in them, and her room was bolted from the inside, so it had to be a suicide, surely.

Even the team had an idea that suicide was the most likely explaination as few of the people seemed to have a reason for wanting the woman dead, as she was just so well liked and respected by everyone in the home, but it just didn’t add up and it was up to Humph to once again work out who, what, why and when and he did it in true trademark style.

This was even more remarkable when you consider the fact that Humph was not himself throughout this episode as his wife turned up on the island to see him and he became very out of sorts before he made a momentous decision that was not was just might have expected of him only a couple of episodes before, but showed that he was a much stronger character than people give him credit for.

He also admitted that he was in love with Camille, which isn’t surprising consider the gooey way he often looks at her but, as I don’t think that he is aware of the feelings that she had for Richard Poole, so his advances might not be that welcome, unless he, as is likely to, does nothing about it and she ends up with someone else, which is probably highly likely knowing Humph.

I really think that the series has lost nothing with the change of lead actor and, if anything, it has given the series a whole new lease of life.