In the seventh episode of The Musketeers the girls finally got a slice of the action. Milady returned to the fray, and was her usual duplicitous self with not a great deal of encouragement from Richelieu, and Constance finally realised her true feelings for D’Artagnan and basically jumped him.

The main guest characters in this episode was also a strong woman in the shape of Comtesse Ninon de Larroque, who was a very modern woman (for 17th century France at least) with ideas above her station about how women should be free and be more than just wives and mothers and have an education and everything, pretty much the exact opposite of what most people thought was the lot of the fairer sex in those days.

The episode was all about the plans of Richelieu to discredit this woman by accusing her of practising witchcraft (despite all the evidence to the contrary) and leading young, and impressionable, women astray, not because she was really doing anything particularly bad, but because he knew that he could get away with it and that people would buy everything he said, and also because he had already thought of a good use for all of her money if she was discredited and in Milady he had the perfect witness who would say whatever he wanted of them.

This didn’t please Athos at all, who soon recognised Milady at the courthouse after her compelling evidence which pretty much scuppered any chances de Larroque had (which were pretty slim to begin with if I am being honest), but he was married to her so he was bound to recognise her. After all if you have seen someone in the altogether then you would probably easily recognise them no matter how hard they tried to hide themselves from you.

Poor old Richelieu was in the wars a bit in this episode wasn’t he? One moment he was told that he was being considered as the next Pope, and the next he was nearly killed by a papal relic soaked in poison but it will take a little bit more than that to stop a wily fox like Richelieu and he lived to see another day and, almost be kind, to de Larroque, well as kind as he is ever likely to be anyway.

It can be a bit samey this show but at least the characters (Richelieu most definitely and Milday and Constance, but not really any of the Musketeers themselves with the exception of Porthos) are interesting, and compelling, enough to get away with rather similar plotlines week after week, and the fight scenes which are always well choreographed and fun to watch.