This episode features Vinnie Jones. Yes, that Vinnie Jones. He plays Labarge a thug who has been caught after burning lots of farms (including D’Artagnan’s father’s farm) and killing lots of people before being caught and sentenced to death. When D’Artagnan finds out about this he is not very happy at all, as you wouldn’t be if your only source of income has literally gone up in smoke. D’Artagnan still hasn’t managed to get a commission to the Musketeers and now has no income whatsoever.

The episode features a challenge between the Musketeers and the Red Guards which costs 30 livres to enter. D’Artagnan believes that if he is able to win this then he will get the commission that he needs now that his farm has gone, but he has no money. Luckily for him Milady gives him the money and he takes it without thinking of the reasons why she might be providing it. Constance also gets the money for D’Artagnan by selling some of her stuff but doesn’t give it to him when he tells her that he already has the money.

D’Artagnan trains for this but, after all of his hard work, Treville picks himself as the Musketeer who is going to fight the red guard champion, after discovering that the red guard champion is Labarge, which does not please D’Artagnan or the other Musketeers to be honest.

It all works out in the end as D’Artagnan ends up with his commission but has pretty much lost Constance, due to the influence of Richelieu who in asking Mr Bonacieux to spy on D’Artgnan allows him to see that his wife and D’Artganan were having an affair, which he soon puts a stop too, for the moment at least. Richelieu meanwhile has worked out Milady’s true identity and is surely working out a way to use this to his own advantage. Constance now believes that D’Artagnan is having an affair with Milady after seeing them talking together near the end of the episode.

The one thing about this episode that didn’t really work from me was the fact that it featured Vinnie Jones. I think that if it Labarge had been played by anyone else then the character would have worked better but, for me, seeing Vinnie in it took me totally out of the fiction of the episode unfortunately.