In the penultimate episode of The Musketeers a misplaced utterance by the King in front of Richelieu nearly costs the Queen her life, with Richelieu arranging through Milady for the Queen to be killed, thinking that he was doing the King a favour, as he was whining about her not giving him a son, and not being interested in anything that he is interested in, unlike this women who was visiting them at that time, who actually seemed interested in stuff that he liked.

The woman’s father had been talking to Richelieu about how his other daughters had married well and that he was looking to do the same for his youngest daughter before, and during this you could see the cogs working in Richelieu’s mind about how this might be turned to his advantage, which with the comments made by the King it looked like it might very well.

Of course it was all going swimmingly well and the Queen was on a visit outside of Paris, guarded by the Musketeers. It isn’t until a girl dressed in the Queen’s cloak is mistakenly killed by masked intruders that they work out that something is amiss.

When they find refuge in a Convent the leader of the masked intruders, Gallagher, arrives at the gates and Athos is sent out to deal with him. The man gives them an ultimatum, the Queen or their lives. The man won’t tell then who had commissioned him but a note is found by Porthos and D’Artagnan promising a sum of money if the Queen is killed.

This gets back to Paris and to Richeliu who got very pissed off as his plan was starting to go tits up and he was forced to backtrack, and try to save his own arse from the Kings anger when he hears about the plot to kill the Queen, neatly forgetting what he has said about her only a few days earlier, but I guess that is a Kings prerogative.

This episode really shows that there is nothing that Richelieu will not do for his own ends and his anger at Milady for some of the things that happened which almost lead to his plan backfiring before he had found someone else to take the blame shows how truly dangerous he is and how he will always find someone else to take the fall for him.

Athos discovers who the person was put the main antagonist up for the job and lets Richelieu know in no certain terms that he knows that he is behind it and won’t rest until he and Milady are both brought to justice but there is no doubt that Richelieu will have a plan B as he usually does when his own skin is in danger.

It is all now set for an interesting series finale next week.