The final episode of The Musketeers was quite easily one of the best episodes of the series so far. It had a lot going for it such as Richelieu finally getting his comeuppance, of sorts, and now having his every move being watched by the Queen, even if the King has no idea about any sort of wrong doing, which is going to make it difficult for him to hatch any more plans like he had been doing all season.

It is probably as well how that Capaldi is not going to be able to play the part again as there probably isn’t much more that they can do with the character as this stage after the events of the episode as his card is marked for the foreseeable future in the context of the ongoing series.

The ending of the episode with the news that the Queen is pregnant is especially interesting after the events of the previous episode when Aramis had his end away with her and then suddenly she falls pregnant just afterwards.

Of course only three people know the truth of the matter, although I reckon that Richelieu realises that the child cannot possibly be the king’s, but wouldn’t know who the father was, but he has now got what he wanted so there we will be no need for him to try and have the Queen murdered again, although what he might do when he realises the child’s true parentage is going to be interesting, or at least whoever is in that position in the following series, unless they recast the role of course, which I hope they don’t do even though I could see why they might.

The Milady subplot also came to a close in this episode with her being uncovered as the person behind the plot to have the Queen murdered amongst other things and also a murderer and a thief who has been trying to play the Musketeers against each other and get them to kill each other, although that bit just seemed to be another one of Richelieu’s machinations, which she went along with if it meant the death of her ex husband, Athos.

I am glad that this particular subplot is now over as no matter how good Milady is to look at (especially in those tight corsets) this plot line with her trying to kill them was getting a little bit boring and it is right that it just seems to be confined to this one series alone as there is a new one just starting with the King and Queen’s unborn son.

It will be interesting to see how this progresses.