Game of Thrones : The Kingsroad

In the second episode of Game of Thrones we get to know some of the main characters a little bit better. We learn that Joffrey, the oldest son of Robert and Cersei, is a bit of a little shit who you would punch as soon as look at him; we learn a bit about the background of how Robert came to the throne and about his past with the Starks, which shows how close the two of them actually are which is shown in the scenes between Robert and Ned. The fact that Addy and Bean are old friends makes their relationship so much more believable as a result.

The Starks eldest daughter Sansa soon realises that Joffrey isn’t the knight in shining armour that she thought he was and showing him total contempt for others which will stand him in good stead when he becomes king.

Tyrion continues to the best character of them all with Peter Dinklage obviously having a ball playing him.

In this episode Jon is chosen to join the Night’s Watch and we learn a bit more about them and about what it means to be a member of it, or taking the black as it is called.

Meanwhile Daenerys doesn’t really a have a lot to do apart from being taken by her new husband, and being shown how to please him by a concubine. In fact the majority of the nudity and sex on display in this episode was when Dany was on screen.

Michelle Fairley came to the fore in this episode as Catelyn after what happened to her son Bran in the previous episode as a very strong character indeed although she is a bit hard on Jon Snow, who didn’t ask to be born illegitimate.

She sits with the stricken Bran by day and by night, hardly leaving his side. Cersei, who find out early on in the episode that Bran is still living, pays Catelyn a visit pretending to be sorry for her and telling her that she once lost a child, which was probably total bollocks, but it seemed to do the trick for Catelyn.

Later on a hooded man turns up in Bran’s rooms and tells her that he is dead already and that it would be a mercy to kill him. Catelyn fights him off and is injured in the process only being saved by Bran’s direwolf who kills the would-be assassin.

After this Catelyn is sure that Bran’s accident was not accident and that he was pushed and that she was determined to find out who did it and also that the Lannister’s are plotting to overthrow Robert. After counsel it is decided that someone must tell Ned, who has taken Sansa and Arya to Kings Landing with him along with Robert and his entourage, and it is Catelyn who is chosen to go and inform him as there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

When she is gone Bran wakes up.

This episode continued the story from the first episode with hints of things yet to come. We got to see the truer, manipulative, sides to the characters of Cersei and Jamie Lannister than we did in the first episode, with Cersei being the most manipulative of all and we begin to realise that she will let nothing stand in her way, literally nothing.

Jamie is basically just a bit of a thug, the sort of character that you would see in high school films as the start quarterback who all of the girls fancy who basically has two interests: killing and shagging his sister.

What this show is, if nothing else, is compelling and does enough each week with its character development and its hints and little intrigues to make sure that you really want to tune into the next episode to see what happens.