Game of Thrones : Lord Snow

The plot continues to move apace in the third episode. For one thing we find ourselves in Kings Landing for the first time and wet get to see how the Baratheons live. We also get to meet lots more duplicitous characters such as Littlefinger, who had a bit of thing for Starks wife Catelyn when they were kids, Varys a eunuch known as the spider, Grand Maester Pycelle and the Kings rather effete younger brother Renly, none of whom you could trust as far as they could thrown them.

Catelyn arrives at Kings Landing and when she gets there she is met by two member of the City Watch who asks her to go with them. Much to her surprise, and disgust, she is taken to a brothel where she is met by Littlefinger and Varys. She is not at all pleased to see Littlefinger again after all of these years. She then finds out that the dagger that was used to attempt to kill her son used to belong to Littlefinger but he then denies all responsibility as he had lost it in a wager to Tyrion. That of course places the responsibility for the attack on Bran on the shoulders of Tyrion based on no other evidence than Littlefingers testimony, which you can’t really trust. Of course we know who it behind Bran’s fall and we can assume that we also know who sent the hooded man to try and finish of the job.

We also get to the Wall and meet the people of the Nights Watch including Commander Jeor Mormont, Ser Alliser Thorne, Maester Aemon and Ned’s brother Benjen Stark and it really is a bleak existence being a member of the Nights Watch, but it is also an honourable thing to do, as shown by the people who have taken the Black and do not consider that they have wasted their lives. Each to their own I suppose and it probably isn’t that different to the people who take religious orders in the real world.

As well as not being made at all welcome by the majority of the Kings Landing Ned also has his two daughters to contend with who are both causing him all sort of problems (as daughter are won’t to do, I am told). When Ned finds out that his wife has arrived in Kings Landing and is in a brothel he goes made and tries to kill Littlefinger only to be stopped by Catelyn herself. Catelyn tells them all of what she has discovered that the former hand of the King had been poisoned and that someone has tries to kill Bran not once, but twice.

Littlefinger manages to persuade them that to accuse Tyrion of the attack on Bran would be pointless as the evidence against him is sketchy at best and certainly wouldn’t hold up at any court in Kings Landing. However Catelyn is positive that that the Lannisters are behind it all and Ned agrees but need proof which he can then present to Robert, who he knows will take it seriously.

The main problem that they have is that the Lannister’s will do anything to cover their own arses and will stop at nothing to make sure that they are in power for as long as possible, and they have friends in many different places who will vouch for them and not think them capable of such horrible things even if they are so obviously twisted and power hungry as the Lannisters (apart from Tyrion) are being portrayed.

I would have to say that one of the most surprising thing for me about this episode is seeing elderly British actors such as Julian Glover (playing Pycelle) and Peter Vaughan (playing Aemon). It is also interesting to see which other British actors are going to appear next!