Game of Thrones – A Golden Crown

Ned wakes up after being attacked by Jamie Lannister and his men. He gets accused of attacking Jamie in the street by Cersei, when it was more like the other way around. She is also angry with him for having Tyrion arrested which is odd because she has made her opinions on Tyrion quite plain already, so why she is so bothered about him being captured does seem a little out of character, because normally she wouldn’t give him a moment’s thought, but she knows that her father, who isn’t much of fan of his youngest son either, wouldn’t be happy either.

She wants Robert to condemn him as a traitor but Robert won’t without hearing his side of the story, which is exactly what Cersei doesn’t want as she knows that Ned knows things about her that she doesn’t want Robert to find out about, unless she can use it to rub it right into his face. Instead he makes Ned the hand again, which pisses of Cersei further, not that it is difficult to anger Cersei as she seems to be perpetually angry with everyone except her beloved Jamie.

Bran is presented with the saddle designed by Tyrion and he has taken riding but it attacked by three wildings. One of them holds a knife to Bran’s throat threatening to kill him while Robb manages to kill the other two with Theon coming to the rescue. The one remaining wilding, a female named Osha, begs for her life after seeing her two friend’s kills and Robb takes her as a prisoner.

Tyrion nearly falls out of his sky cell and tries to make a bargain with the guard, which isn’t as easy as he thinks but he manages to persuade him with gold to take a message to made Lady Lysa in which he demands his right to justice and a trial. Lysa has little choice but to agree and Tyrion is allowed a trial by combat. He requests a champion to fight for him and when nobody else seems to want to offer their services Bronn agrees to stand for Tyrion. Bronn is able to beat Lysa’s champion and she has no option other than letting Tyrion go.

On the other side of the world Viserys finally realises that his plans have backfired on him as he will never be able to command the Dothraki, like his sister can and extremely bitter he tries to steal the dragon eggs from Dany so that he can use it to hire an army to go and get this throne back.

When he cannot do that he disrupts a service for Dany and demands payment for given her to the Drogo. Drogo then tells Viserys that he will give him a golden crown. This pleases Viserys until he realises what he is and begs Dany to save him but he watches as the Dothraki pour molten gold over Viserys head and he dies in agony.

She seems to feel nothing for him and states that he was not the true dragon that he claimed to be. In this episode Dany truly came out the shadow of her brother and showed that she could be just a cruel as he was and at the end of the episode the look in her eyes shows that she is a force to be reckoned with and you can sort of see Robert and the council’s point of view.

It was a great moment to see Viserys get his comeuppance which was long overdue and it is only surprising that he it took six episodes for it to happen.

This show continues to go from strength to strength and there is so much unsaid that you just have to keep on watching to see what is going to transpire as it gets more intriguing as the weeks unfold.