Game of Thrones : The Wolf and the Lion

In the fifth episode we get some rather bloodthirsty machinations by the people of Kings Landing, on the news that Daenerys Targaryen is pregnant, and that it would be better for everyone if she, her unborn child and her batshit crazy brother Viserys be killed, as the baby is likely to be very powerful as the head of a Dothraki army which might be able to take the realm which Robert had a hard time of getting in the first place. Ned is about the only person who doesn’t think that this is a particularly good idea and he and Robert have a bit of a falling out about it.

Varys had some great screen time in this episode playing everyone against everybody else. His talk with Littlefinger was particularly interesting with the brothel owner being more interested in the Eunuchs severed balls than the Eunuch himself, as was his talk with Ned where he tells him that Jon Arryn had been poisoned.

We got to know a bit more about the King’s youngest brother, Renly in this episode basically that he is a bit of a wimp, totally unsuited to the role of King more so than Robert, and is also bisexual. We also heard mention of another brother names Stannis who is the middle of the three Baratheon brothers.

There was also a great scene between Robert and Cersei talking about their marriage, and how she did love him once way, way back and also asking him about his one true love, the sister of Ned Stark whom he lost many, many years ago.

After being chided by Tyrion in the previous weeks episode for being in the shadow of the Starks for all this time despite him telling everyone that he is the heir to the Iron Throne and all powerful in his own right, Theon gets a similar treatement from Ros, the prostitute that Tyrion had recommended to him in the previous episode, making him out to not be the man that he thinks that he is. It is Ros who holds all the power in that scene even if Theon thinks that he is the one in command.

Poor Tyrion gets trapped in a room high up in the Eyrie with one side open to a sheer drop, and gets accused of another crime, apart from the attempted murder of Bran Stark, that of the murder of the former hand of the king, by his widow, Lysa, who is also a little bit, should we say, crazy considering that she appears breastfeeding a child who is about seven years old.

Walking into that bar at the end of the previous episode was not a clever move by Tyrion at all and he has he work cut out in getting out of this particular pickle he has found himself in, but he has found a potential ally in the form of sell sword Bronn (played by Jerome Flynn of Robson and Jerome fame) who would so anything for money and take whosever side gave him the best prospects in the future.

It is certainly hotting up in this series and it is getting more and more difficult to know who to trust, and who is actually good or bad, or just a different shade of grey from the others.