Game of Throne : You Win or You Die

In the seventh episode things start to reach a conclusion as Robert Baratheon is gored by a boar whilst out hunting and dies a slow and painful death, but manages to keeps his humour to the very end, and makes sure that Ned writes down that the throne goes to its natural heir, his son Joffrey.

Ned, who knows the truth of the matter, has already sent word to Stannis to come and claim his throne as it is him, and not Joffrey who is the true heir to the throne.

Renly decides that he also has a claim to the throne and feels south to try and raise an army so that he can also claim the throne which he thinks is his also.

Dany also discovers that Robert is dead and so throws her claim to the throne in as well and she does the unthinkable and manages to persuade Drogo to get on a boat so that they could try and get the power which Dany also believes is hers by birthright.

The Lannisters are backing Joffrey as the heir to the throne with Cersei determined to grab hold of as much power as her can as queen regent until he comes of age, as he is still only a boy, even if Robert had decreed that he wanted Ned to act as Regent until Joffrey came of age, not that she would let a little thing like that stop her, and promptly has him arrested near the end of the episode for treasonous activities i.e. daring to proclaim that Joffrey is not the real heir to the throne, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

She doesn’t even deny what Ned tells her in this episode and is quite proud of the fact that Jamie is the father of her three children and not Robert. It is not clear whether her father is aware of this or not, but the fact that incest has been mentioned before and was the way that the old houses used to go about their business means that this sort of thing is not particularly frowned upon in Westeros and is likely not be a shocking revelation at all, well apart from to Robert that is.

In this episode we meet the head of the Lannister clan, Tywin (played by Charles Dance) who we see for the first time disembowelling a deer whilst chatting away to Jamie, without stopping doing what he was doing at any time.

It seems that he isn’t that keen on any of his children either, which probably explains why they turned out the way in which they did, but is willing to raise an army to rescue the son that he admits that he despises whom he felt was responsible for the death of his beloved wife, because he is a Lannister and as head of the family he has to show to everyone else that they are all united and that they are all valued.

Jon Snow finally becomes a fully fledged member of the Night’s Watch in this episode alongside his friend Sam.

All hell is going to break loose in Westeros now and it is going to be interesting to see what happens next.