Game of Thrones : The Pointy End

After Ned’s arrest and imprisonment soldiers loyal to the Lannisters go through the Stark guards and household staff and try to round up Ned’s daughters. They find Sansa easily enough, but don’t have much lucky with Arya who promptly runs off. Varys visits Ned in the cells and tells him that he serves the realm and not himself which I don’t think that Ned believes for one minute. He refuses to retract his statement about Joffrey.

Cersie and Pycelle convince (read force) Sansa to write a letter to Robb asking him to accept Joffrey as the one true king, suggesting to her that this might save her father. When Robb receives the letter he refuses to do what Sansa asks and sends out ravens to assemble an army.

These ravens reach the Eyrie but Lysa refuses to send men much to the disgust of Catelyn. They also reach the wall but Jon is powerless to do anything about and the rest of the people seem to think that Ned is a traitor to the realm.

Tyrion and Bronn are surrounded by members of the hill tribe and are ordered to be killed. However Tyrion manages to convince them to join the Lannisters so that they can have their revenge on the people they have a beef against. Bizarrely these rag tag band of people accept Tyrion at his word. For the first time Dany witnesses what happens when the Dothraki raid a village and isn’t very happy about the way in which they treat women, which is pretty much the way a male dog treats a female dog, and orders them to stop, which doesn’t go down very well with the Dothraki but Drogo allows her to allow some of them to go free despite the anger in the rest of the tribe.

One of them tries to challenge Drogo and ends up getting killed by the Khal, who gets wounded in the process. One of the women rescued by Dany tells them that she is healer and Dany persuades Drogo to let her tend to his wound.

Troops arrive at Winterfell with some of them not too happy about being led by a mere boy but when one of them tries to attack Robb he sets his direwolf on him and he loses two of his fingers. The man then agrees to follow Robb all the way and they leave Winterfell.

The hill tribe arrive at the Lannister camp and the aid is accepted by Tywin but they say that they only fight it Tyrion fights with him, which pleases Tywin greatly but less so Tyrion.

Robb send word to the Lannisters that twenty thousand Northern soldiers will be marching upon them. Sansa begs Joffrey to spare her father’s life to which the mad young king says he will only if he bends his knee to him as the rightful king of Westeros, which Sansa insists that he will.

This is one of the bloodiest episodes of the series so far with lots of people being killed and women raped and attacked and all that and the threads are slowly coming together and you can start to see what might happen next and it isn’t going to end well for certain people, Ned in particular, because there is no way that he is going to bend his knee to Joffrey, and Joffrey has no interest in saving him in the first place, he is only saying so to please Sansa, when you know full well that he has no intention of keeping his promise.

Ned was a dead man walking the moment that he became Hand of the King when you consider what happened to some of the previous holders of that title.