Game of Thrones : Baelor

Still languishing in a cell Ned is visited by Varys who informs him that Sansa has begged for his life in the front of the whole court and also that Robb is leading an army from the North. He tells him that if he confesses treason, then Cersei will allow him to take the black, but Ned doesn’t think that price is enough for him to throw away his honour and his honesty, but it is also mentioned that Sansa might pay dearly if he does not, which sort of makes up his mind for him as he isn’t a monster and he does care about his daughters, even if he doesn’t always show it.

Robb’s army has to pass through the Twins and so Catelyn goes to negotiate their crossing with Walder Frey who rules over the Twins. He isn’t quite prepared to make his choice about whose army he will be willing to join. Passage is granted on the condition that Rob and Arya must marry one of Walders children, of which there are many, and another to be his squire. Catelyn agrees on Robb’s behalf, leaving him little choice to but to obey.

Jon finds out that the Maester in the Night’s Watch is a Targaryen and has to stand aside whilst his entire family was butchered during the rebellion and that that is the price that they pay for taking the black referring to Jon feeling that he should be joining Robb and fight alongside him brother to brother.

Meanwhile the wound that Drogo got the previous episode is starting to fester and Drogo fell from his horse, which is a sign of death and weakness as far as the Dothraki are concerned. She demands that the women she saved last episode tends to him, which does not go down well with the rest of them who consider her to be a witch.

When Tyrion discovers that the only reason that Tywin agreed to let the hill tribes fight with them so that they could take the full force of the battles and effectively be killed instead of this own troops he is less than happy but his father is insistent that he does.

Daenerys’ is advised to leave as Drogo is likely to die and when he does then it is likely that her son and Dany herself will be killed. The witch agrees to save Drogo at the expense of a sacrifice. Drogo’s horse is chosen and its throat is slit and Daenerys then starts to go into labour.

Tyrion tells the story of when he was married and how she turned out to be a whore who was paid by Jamie to sleep with him and how Tywin instructed his guards to have sex with her showing the nasty side of his character, which was merely reinforced by that story.

Tyrion leads them into battle but is soon knocked out and regains consciousness after the battle where he discovered that they had won the battle but at a great price, and that Jamie had been captured by the Robb’s army.

Ned is given a chance to confess and says that Joffrey is the true king but Joffrey decided that women are too soft on traitors, and he orders Ned to be killed right in front of Sansa, who now hates Joffrey more than she has ever done before, and Arya who also witnessed the death. Ned dies knowing that Arya will be safe, picked up and taken to the Night’s Watch disguised as a boy.

This was one hell of an episode with plenty of stuff going on with a fine turn by David Bradley as Walder Frey who is a little bit like a randy Albert Steptoe, with his exceptionally young wife, as well as Dany going into labour at the time that her husband lays dying being tended to by a witch just after she had been drenched in blood as her husband’s horse was sacrificed and ended with Ned being killed by Joffrey without missing a beat showing that at the end of day he is Lannister pure and simple and just like his real father.

It has to be said that from this point on all the shit is going to hit the fan in Westeros, and nothing will be the same again.